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Practice Areas

Drug Crimes
Cultivation, Distribution, Importation, Manufacturing, Possession for Sale, Trafficking, Transportation

DMV hearings, DMV license suspensions, DUI court proceedings

Immigration Issues
Motions to Set Aside, Convictions/Withdraw Pleas, Nunc Pro Tunc Orders, Writs of Habeas Corpus/Coram Nobis

Juvenile Dependency
Adjudications, Dispositions

Juvenile Delinquency
Adjudications, Dispositions, Fitness Hearings, Informal Probation, Sealing of Records

Miscellaneous Crimes
Aiding/Abetting Arms Trafficking, Conspiracy, Extradition, Hit and Run, Obstruction of Justice, Perjury, Shoplifting, Stalking

General Criminal Trial Practice
Felonies and Misdemeanors, Murder, Assault and Battery, Sex Crimes, Date Rape, Computer Offenses, Thefts and Shoplifting, Narcotics Offenses, Domestic Violence, Weapons Offenses

Felony DUI with Injuries
Multiple Priors, Underage Drivers, Refusal Cases, DMV Hearings


Post Conviction
Certificates of Rehabilitation, Governor's Pardon, Changes of Plea, Expungements, Motions for a New Trial, Parole and Probation, Plea Withdrawals, Reductions, Felony to Misdemeanor, Misdemeanor to Infraction, Sentence Modifications, Writs of Habeas Corpus, Writs of Mandamus

Sexual Crimes
Child Abuse, Child Enticement, Child Molestation, Child Pornography, Child Procurement, Date Rape, Exploitation, Failure to Register, Indecent Exposure, Internet Pornography, Internet Solicitation, Lewd Conduct, Pandering, Prostitution, Rape, Sexual Assault, Sexual Battery, Sexual Imposition, Sodomy, Solicitation, Spousal Rape

Violent Crimes
Armed Robbery, Arson, Assault and Battery, Carjacking, Child Abuse, Criminal Threats, Domestic Violence, Firearms Offenses, Hate Crimes, Kidnapping, Manslaughter, Mayhem, Murder, Robbery, Terrorism Charges, Second and Third Strikes Cases, Weapons Offenses

White Collar Crimes
State and Federal Court, Corporations and Individuals, Internal Investigations, Fraud, Embezzlement, Theft, Tax Evasion, Code Compliance Violations, Securities Fraud, Insurance Fraud


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