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Sex Crime & Child Pornography Attorney Los Angeles, CA
About Us
Anthony V. Salerno & Associates is a true full-service criminal defense law firm. We have successfully handled the full range of criminal cases in both State and Federal Court. We bring the same high level of professionalism and energy to all of our cases.

Tthe firm has handled numerous high-profile and celebrity cases. While we strongly prefer to handle all such cases as discreetly and privately as possible, we are also highly savvy in using any unavoidable media coverage to our clients’ best advantage.

There is a Difference

Not all criminal defense lawyers are the same. Nearly all of our cases come from referrals. We are not a “mill.” We know our business depends on each case being handled with the greatest quality and care. All criminal defense lawyers say they have the will to win.

We have something more: the will to prepare to win.


Preemptive Early Intervention

As soon as we consult a new Client on their case we immediately assess the situation.

We proactively investigate and work to persuade the prosecuting agency to reject a case outright. If that is not possible, we work to persuade the prosecuting agency to proceed with alternatives in lieu of formal prosecution. These alternatives include Non-Prosecution Agreements, Corporate Integrity Agreements, Certification of Compliance Agreements and Office Hearings.


Creative and Aggressive Case Negotiation

If the case ends up in court we prepare thoroughly. We identify all points of leverage, seek to understand all the collateral issues important to the Client and then politely push the prosecutors and their supervisors for the best possible outcomes. These outcomes include Deferred Prosecution Agreements, Informal Deferred Entry of Judgment Agreements and Civil Compromises.


Superb Trial Advocacy

Trials make sense in two situations: where the Prosecution’s proposed settlement is so poor the Client risks little by going trial or where the Client’s case is very strong and the consequences of losing at trial are outweighed by a high likelihood of success. We pride ourselves on being top-flight trial advocates. In cases where our Clients choose to go to trial they are in great hands. Preparation and poise are the keys to victory.


Commitment to Client Service and Satisfaction

It is not enough to get the best results. It is equally important that Clients understand what is happening every step of the way and that they feel they were respected and well taken care of. We understand that criminal cases can be especially stressful to our Clients, so we are patient, respectful and available. We “walk the walk” with our unique policy of sending out Client Evaluation Forms at the conclusion of each case so that we receive the feedback necessary to maintain our focus on Client satisfaction and service.


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